Of what worth is the world that makes you forget your Rabb

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We have a natural tendency to assume that a remarkable chemistry between two souls is confirmation that they are meant to be together. In the heat of profound feelings, it seems counter-intuitive to imagine ourselves separate from our beloved. But chemistry and longevity are not natural bedfellows. Just because we feel earth-shatteringly alive with someone doesn’t mean they are supposed to be our …life partner. They may have come for a very different reason - to awaken us, to expand us, to shatter us so wide open that we can never close again. Perhaps they were sent from afar to polish the rough diamond of your soul before vanishing into eternity. Perhaps they just came to give you new eyes. Better we surrender our expectations when the beloved comes. They may just be dropping in for a visit.

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Grasp hold of your loneliness.
For solitude is where you will find the greatest company.

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ربي إنزع من قلبي حب كل شيء لا تحب

‎”My Lord, remove from my heart the love of everything that You do not love.”

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Ignorance never
provided me with
the bliss for which
I desperately yearned.

This realization helped
me close the one door
that should have shut
itself centuries ago.


“Letting one’s heart wander in the garden of the Quran, seeking consolation in it from every calamity, seeking healing in it from all diseases of the heart, so that it will bring comfort to his grief and healing for his worries and distress.”

Ibn al-Qayyim 

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Never forget to pray for others. Ease for those in hardship, blessings for those who have more than us. And Sabr for those in war. Even pray for those in their graves, beacuse you will also be there one day. You pray for others, the angels pray back for you. And Allah SWT hears and understand everything that we feel. How Merciful. Just by the intention we are granted ajar. And Allah, He keeps his promises.

Whenever I bury
my feelings, they
have a bad habit
of resurfacing
from the soil at
the worst times.

I wasted a year on you.

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View of Makkah from Mount Thor

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sall allahu aleyhi wa sallam

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Tripple Falls by Marco Bosshard

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There is a King who is aware of every mask you put on.

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